Weeping Willow Earrings

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Delicately laser engraved earrings feature a classical willow and urn gravestone design. They're incredibly lightweight!

Willows and urns became popular motifs on stones in the early 1800s when the sentimental art of the Greek Revival overtook more stark Puritan tropes like the flying skulls and skeletons. Willows symbolize immortality and resurrection and were sacred trees to Persephone, queen of the underworld. The imagery is based on actual rubbings taken from New England gravestones in some of the nation's oldest cemeteries.

Each earring is approximately 2.5 inches long and 2 inches wide. Hardware is stainless steel and rubber backs are included. The backs are plain black wood.

Instead of engraving my artwork into the wood, I painted the wood a velvety matte black and lightly burned away the paint, leaving natural wood underneath instead of the usual dark char. Please allow for some variation in wood grain and coloration. Please do not get these earrings wet.